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By Yubao Liu | 21 May 2024 | 0 Comments

How to custom segment E Ink Display?

Explore our range of custom segment E Ink display products, ideal for various applications such as electronic shelf labels, electronic scales, signs, clocks, and smart cards. Our segment E Ink displays feature flexible or rigid electrode-patterned substrates, allowing for individual addressing and separate control of each segment.


E Ink technology comprises millions of microcapsules containing positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. By applying electric fields, these particles move to the top, creating visible images.


E Ink offers unparalleled design flexibility, being thin and flexible compared to glass-based LCDs. With excellent sunlight visibility and a wide viewing angle, it's perfect for diverse environments. Plus, its bistable image characteristics ensure minimal power consumption, extending battery life. Unlock new design possibilities with custom shapes tailored to your needs. Explore our e-ink e-paper solutions today.



segment E Ink finds applications across a wide spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, watches, medical devices, industrial gauges, PC accessories, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, and mobile communications.


And we offers two types of segment displays:


segment Display Cells (SDCs)

SDCs are independent display cells that do not include any embedded electronics; they can be driven at either 5V or 15V. Typically, SDCs are used in simpler designs with lower segment counts and fewer pin outs. Designs that have adequate space and less restrictive PCB integration needs are ideal for SDC applications.


segment Display Modules (SDMs)

SDMs include an integrated E Ink display driver for a complete display solution, typically for designs that have demanding integration requirements. SDMs simplify the integration effort by reducing the number of pin outs required between the MCU and display. As a result, less space is needed for connection to the PCB.



Back Plane Type

The following materials are usually used as the back plane of the E Ink display.


1. PCB Back Plane

COB Packaging SDM



2. Glass Back Plane

 COG packaging SDM



3. FPC Back Plane (Flexible)


COF Packaging SDM

4. PET Back Plane (Flexible)




5. E Ink Prism 3 (Flexible)

Prism 3 is part of E Ink's segment display product line. In this type of product, a drive line is mapped for each segment, enabling simple graphic or numerical displays. Unlike products requiring a thin film transistor (TFT), Prism 3 can be manufactured in any 2D shape, for example, a circle, triangle, or abstract shape, enhancing industrial designs.




6. E Ink Prism 3S (Flexible)

E Ink Prism 3S, is 6 color, segment display module for innovative design. 




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