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By Boris Jen | 27 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Why choose Good Display?

Established in 2007, Dalian Good Display Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development and assembly for E-Paper Display, OLED Display and TFT LCD Display, and we are one of leading manufacturer of displays in China, specializing in providing a large variety of engineered displays. 


At Good Display, we believe display is the soul of product, and nothing is more important than getting a wonderful experience by perfect display. That's why we have "GooDisplay" as our brand.  Do our best; Offer you the best. Let us work with you to bring your new display idea.

   Smart Manufacuring   

We've implemented an Automated Production Line, which serve as the cornerstone of our business. Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products has garnered praise from both customers and industry peers alike.





  Strict Quality Control.  


We think product quality is enterprise vitality, and we are always acclaimed by our customers and peers for the high quality products. We obtained management system certificate that fulfills requirements included in the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard in 2011.






  Competitive Price.  


Good Display pay attention to the customer's benefit, both quality and price are important to you, so we prefer to lower our profit, but we ensure good quality. We know that only making your products' price more competitive in the market, we can achieve a win-win situation and go further with you.

● We lower our purchasing cost by payment in advance, which is enabled by our fine financial status. This kind of payment terms brings us more recognition and larger discount from our material suppliers.
● We reduce procurement costs and add value to customers by purchasing generic components in large quantities.
● Through technical innovation and equipment update, improve production efficiency, improve product pass rate to reduce costs.
● We're also trying to keep our overhead costs down and not waste a penny.






  Strong R&D Capability.  


Good Display provides not only standard displays, but also customized e-paper display, LCD and OLED displays for special applications. We have a well-trained R&D team to offer you a variety of solutions. Our design capability will transform your initial idea into a final product in a short time. 



Injection molds, metal molds
Multilayer PCB layout design
EPD, LCD and OLED design
Software development
Circuit design
Test equipment design
Product and component evaluation
Prototype sample development
Platform application solutions

Customization possibilities with
Touch Screen (capacitive)
Glass or PMMA cover
Front Light (White or RGB)
● Custom E Ink Display Solution





  Excellent Customer Service.  


Our sales staff and engineering can respond to your requirement quickly with love and professionalism, and we will help you find and develop a solution perfect for your application.


● Sample code for fast/partial update and gray level display is available.
● All of information can be download freely.
● No MOQ Limited for standard displays.
● Samples and Demo Kits are available.




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