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EPD (Electronic Paper Display, e-paper) is a special type of display that does not need electricity to sustain the projected image. Just like real paper, e-paper also does not require backlight and the displayed image resembles ink on paper (hence the name). Thanks to minimal energy requirements, perfect readability in the sunlight and unlimited viewing angles, EPD displays are the best choice for many industrial and consumer applications such as: e-prices, weather stations, smart homes, modern timetables, interactive signs, badges, smart watches.

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1.54 inch e-paper display high resolution 200x200 partial refresh fast speed GDEW0154M09 Sale
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1.02 inch mini partial refresh e-paper display panel, GDEW0102T4 Sale
$4.75 $5.37
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5.83 inch high resolution color red e-paper display Tri-color e-ink screen module buy GDEW0583Z83 Sale
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2.13 inch e-paper display partial refresh Black and White e-ink screen module GDEH0213B72 Sale
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4.3 Inch 800×600 resolution parallel e-paper display e-ink screen module GDE043A2 Sale
$17.14 $22.00
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4.2 inch e-ink panel SPI interface 4 Grayscale buy e-paper display partial refresh GDEW042T2 Sale
$11.81 $16.00
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7.5 inch large size three-color yellow e-paper display big eink screen module GDEW075C21 57%
$26.00 $60.67
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2.7 inch Black and white 4 Grayscale epaper display partial refresh 264x176 SPI e-ink screen Sale
$6.14 $8.52
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e-paper display 1.54 inch 152x152 SPI interface 4 Grayscale eink display partial refresh GDEW0154T8 Sale
$3.57 $4.86
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1.02 inch Mini Flexible ultra-thin e-paper Pressed-on FPC e ink screen display GDEW0102I4FC Sale
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3.71 inch e-paper display black and white 4 Grayscale e-ink screen module GDEW0371W7 Sale
$10.71 $15.70
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Large size red e-paper display 7.5 inch 3-Colors SPI interface e-ink screen module GDEW075Z09 Sale
$33.33 $52.00
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2.13 inch e-ink display black and white 4 Grayscale electronic paper screen partial refresh e-paper GDEW0213T5 Sale
$3.86 $5.00
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1.54 inch small eink display for support partial update E-paper screen module GDEH0154D67 Sale
$4.29 $5.99
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2.6 inch e-paper display partial refresh 4 Grayscale e-ink screen GDEW026T0 Sale
$5.00 $7.59
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2.9 inch e ink flexible ultra-thin 4 grayscale e-paper display GDEW029I6F Sale
$9.23 $12.45
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2.13 inch e-paper display Low temperature electronic paper module eink GDEW0213V7LT Sale
$4.44 $6.07
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2.66 inch colorful red e-ink display screen module, GDEM0266Z90 Sale
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Large size 11.6 inch color red e-ink screen module 960x640 resolution, GDEH116Z91 Sale
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1.54 inch colorful red e-paper display panel, GDEH0154Z90 Sale
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